5 Reasons to Make Your Small Business Mobile

5 Reasons to Make Your Small Business Mobile

"Out of the office" takes on a whole new meaning for small businesses going mobile.

When we say "mobile office," we're talking about the ability to do your work and conduct business on the go in many different forms. This includes methods like working from home, in your car, on a business trip, etc.

But first, have you been wondering whether it's safe to go mobile? More and more businesses are allowing employees to access company information on a mobile device. This trend is actually growing at a predictable rate with the increase in security options available for mobile devices.

There are important benefits to making your office mobile:

  1. Customers are demanding mobile solutions. Your particular type of business could better serve its customers by being mobile ready. For example, companies that do real estate appraisals, insurance adjusting, or landscaping could provide on-the-spot quotes. Get ahead of the curve, and start considering how your customers could benefit from the mobile solutions that are already available via Verizon.
  2. Allowing employees to work from home works. With a wired or wireless phone and an internet connection, many employees are ready to work. Stanford University completed a study that showed a 13% increase in productivity by allowing them to work from home. Wired magazine also noted that work-from-home employees are about 2x more likely to work longer weeks.
  3. Gain reliable employee coverage. The ability to work from home means that you won't be shorthanded if an employee just can't physically make it to the office. Those winter snowstorms? That contagious cold? Those doctor's appointments? Not so much of a problem anymore, is it?
  4. Collaborate more efficiently. Keep all of your employees connected with a mobile tool like Microsoft Office 365. This cloud-based, agile solution works to keep everyone on the same page by keeping data in sync, offering the ability to communicate on the fly, and allows groups to work together via a team Web site.
  5. Two words: save money. This may be the biggest and best reason of all. You and your employees could cut down on the costs of getting to and having an office.

Not all businesses can be operated from home or on the road (such as stores and professional services firms), but for others, consider unplugging from your stationary desktops sometimes.

Need more details on going mobile? How about a discount? Just take a look at all the benefits and features of starting or upgrading a Verizon Wireless Small Business Account with mobile solutions.

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