What Makes A Small Business Successful?

What Makes A Small Business Successful?

Get inspired by real FiOS-powered Small Businesses, and see how technology can lead to success.

What do so many great Small Businesses have in common? Communications technology, like connecting with clients over the Internet, on the phone, or on the go. We could go on and on about the benefits of adding technology to your small business lineup, but wouldn't you rather hear it from other entrepreneurs like you?

Say hello to real business owners JoAnn, April, and Tad:
JoAnn Baylor - Make My Cake Bakery
JoAnn Baylor owns and runs a bakery called Make My Cake in New York City. Not only does JoAnn's business have to feed a customer's sweet tooth, it also needs to feed their fans on social. By uploading tasty treats and bakery updates at the speed of FiOS, her business stays top of mind at all the right times.
Tech Success: JoAnn added Internet and phone service to her business model. She utilizes technology and marketing to make mouths water on social, which keeps her clients entertained and always coming back for more. In particular, she reports that her wedding business has grown tremendously as more and more brides are using the Internet to find her.

April Barton - Hair Stylist

April Barton is a busy hair stylist who owns Suite 303 Hair Salon in New York City. She reports that technology generates 30% of her business. Whether she's styling a client on location in Europe or California, she's always connected and plugged in to her business.

Tech Success: April added Internet service to her business model in order to stay competitive and continue growing. She relies on technology to generate more leads in a big city that offers many salon options, and her small business solution allows her to run her business remotely while she's on the go.

Tad Scharfenberg - Lawyer

Tad Scharfenberg is a lawyer in Suffolk County, NY. Like any lawyer, Tad needs to stay connected to his office, his assistants, and the court system all at once. His office has to manage incoming clients, data, documents, complicated schedules, and court reports. His small business needs a fast technology service that provides a secure connection.

Tech Success: Tad added FiOS Internet and two phone lines to his business model. He needs that technology to stay hyper-connected, which builds trust with clientele and the court systems and creates efficiency in day-to-day operations. Since he implemented FiOS technology, Tad was able to devote more time to his clients.

Don't just take it from us--take a look at more successful small businesses like those on the Small Biz Testimonials page.

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