Small Business Spotlight: Celebrate Working Parents

Small Business Spotlight: Celebrate Working Parents

What does it take to be an amazing working parent?

Here's a shout-out to all the working parents out there: you're a special kind of everyday superhero. Today we're celebrating the things that make you so awe-inspiring - at home and on the job.

If you're a working parent, you...

Are Prepared for Anything:
When it comes to life, you've been there, and probably done that, too. Sickness? Your cupboard is well stocked for any ailment. (You know that getting sick is not a question of "if," but "when.") Snowy weather? You know all the safest routes to work, have all your winter gear ready, and maybe have the generator on standby, just in case.

At work, other people consistently count on you to have the solution to any crazy thing that pops up and interrupts the day.

Don't Panic:
With everything the kids throw at you, you're pretty unflappable at this point. Company coming over and the kids' toys have magically taken over the living room? You got it covered.

On the job, this means you're a solid and reliable resource, and your coworkers will appreciate you for the ability to be so grounded. Got assigned to a last minute presentation? You can handle it.

Wear All the Hats:
You're not just a parent, you also moonlight as a nurse, landscaper, teacher, or whatever role you need to play to get things done. You're not afraid to roll up your sleeves and dive in to tackle any situation. Why waste time when you can just do it and get it done now?

Your coworkers envy your efficiency and your boss appreciates your can-do attitude.

Are a Pro at Multi-tasking:
Not only do you wear all the hats, you also wear several at the same time. Maybe you're helping the kids with their homework, while cooking dinner, answering work emails, and much more.

Sure, you might experience frustration, anxiety, or stress like any normal human being, but you also know how to address it and get past it.

Set a Great Example:
Balancing a healthy work life and home life sets a great example for the kids. Switching your work and home hats can be subtle, like changing out of your work clothes when you get home or stowing the work mobile phone or laptop until the kids go to sleep.

Knowing how to switch on and off is key to enjoying your work. When others are experiencing burnout, you're still amped up and ready to work.

Shouldn't Feel Guilty:
Sure, successful working parents feel guilt, but they immediately squash it. Remember that you're working so hard because you want to give your kids the things they need and the best quality of life. Maybe you work as hard as you do to provide resources they never had when you were younger. Maybe you even started a small business so you could stay at home with them. Whatever your reason, don't forget that you're doing it for a very good reason. Your kids will appreciate the effort - and you.

Our hats are off to you!

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